DragonPilot is software for pargliding

DragonPilot is vario-interpreter

We take a different path to make the sport we love better.
We are a startup company. We develop new technology. Currently DragonPilot is Android app.

We are DragonPilots.

Vario interpreter

We do not use the classic Vario concept - the good, old, noisy Vario. “Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die”, as sings Bradley Cooper.
The Vario-Interpreter is processing data from the variometer, GPS and MEMS sensors. It makes interpretations using set of algorithms. It signals pilot for detected event or condition.


Classic vario reads barometric sensor and streams signal representing the vertical speed. The brain makes neural connections and wires you to act on the signal. Human brain is not good at doing two things at a time. Vario becomes your most important connection to the air. This approach is the easiest and fastest way to learn to fly, but it comes at a price. You are in the vario trap.

DragonPilot concept

The vario-interpreter is creating very special situation. It is like flying without vario, with vario. It’s information messages are always delayed. Gap, blank space is created. There in the void starts to live something special – very small DragonPilot.

The human brain can not wait. In the gap you start to learn to connect to the air with your senses - directly. Your brain will do its magic. With the time you will fly more like a bird.

It is a slow process, like learning to play piano. It takes time for the DragonPilot to grow. Maybe you need some talent. Do not worry, the DargonPilot app will help you on the way. One day the difference between you and other, will be like the difference of pianist playing the piano and me.

Why be a pilot?

The concept is inspired by Bruce Goldsmith’s book 50 ways to fly better, chapter “Fly without vario”. Thank you Bruce!


Noise pollution brings stress, fatigue even tinnitus. According to a 2019 review of the existing literature, noise pollution was associated with faster cognitive decline. Noise is any sound which is not bringing you any information. The vario signal is just noise when there is no change. The way the vario-interpreter works reduces the sounds it emits several times compared to classic variometer. It will make you more efficient at long XC flights.

Enjoy the silence!

Turn your flying into meditation

DragonPilot and Safety

How does the variometer helps you in the event of collapse? How your extensive skills to listen carefully to the vario sounds are significant when it is most important, when your life is at stake? It is obvious that you need different kinds of skills than. The same skills you develop all the time when you fly with Vario-interpreter - to be connected with the air with all your senses, all your might. Do you still want to stay in the vario-prison? We are on a quest - will one day incident statistics prove that Dragon pilots are safer pilots?

Take a leap of faith!

Escape from the vario-prison!