Our Team

We are team of two. We were more, some left us. One of them told us that he is not interesting in making “revolution”. We are not! We just follow new interesting path. The wind of change is blowing for us. (The grim reality is if we do not change we will lose our planet.) We hope this path will take us and the sport to where we really belong – closer to our essence. We all can be DragonPilots. Our team is not completed. It is good enough to make progress. We are clam that the right DragonPilots will join us. We are flying in Bulgaria now, but our planet is the limit (We will wait for Elon to open new frontier). If you feel like we are your team call us. Next important team member is CTO.

Yavor Plashilski (Doctora)

I am a doctor professionally. I fly since 2003. Flying is my way of life, my drug. I am XC maniac. I use every opportunity to fly high, fly far. The facts: 45 flights 200+ km in Bulgaria, more than 2600 flying hours, mainly XC. Accounting is not important for me. It is the feeling up there, the desire it to continue, never ending XC flight. Flying above everything fields, woods, problems, villages in silence, gives me special feeling of calmness, lightness of being.

When, Anguel called me to ask me if I want to join the DragonPilot project, I realized that this is opportunity to improve my comfort of flying. As, professional I know how powerful human brain is. The idea to connect it in new way with flying is quite intriguing. The idea is little crazy, a little bit no trivial, but future/history often jumps in unexpected direction. Come along with us to explore the DragonPilot path!

Anguel Simeonov


I left the project 19.12.2019 - click for more info

I fly since 2005. Paragliding is not just a hobby. It played a very special role in my life. It was a difficult time for me then. Starting flying was even more difficult. Flying opened meaningful space in my life. But paragliding also tried, to kill me. Than it turned in to my escape space – running away from my challenges in real life. The moment I realized this I lost my passion for flying. There are things in paragliding which I want to improve (not only the vario). This project is my way to come back to flying. The odds are always against startups. But it is important for me.

Never give up!

I am very happy that Doctora, one of the best flatlands XC pilots in BG joined the team. I only dream to fly like him.