Anguel left the project

I am leaving this project for good.

I believe in the concept, the idea and the future of the varioInterpreter. We have testet crappy proto. The result is that in some elements of flight it is better solution than vario, even at this very early, immature stage of development. The reason I leave is that I have realised that I always wanted to work on different startup idea. It is much more difficult and challenging, but it is who I am. I have been too scared of it. The chances of success are slim - much less than 10%. All the project I worked were just a distraction for me, a way to hide:

I just did not know this. But, now it is different. I can not write a single line of code…

It is good news for DragonPilot project, because due to this “subconscious” problem I could not engage 100% with the project. As I leave it will create blank space for the right people to enter the project.

Good luck to my dragonPilot!

Now you are free!